Volna 2

Volna is advanced Strokes Plugin, it uses masks to draw a strokes. Plugin can take one or two masks and blend them into a new shape with multiple strokes. Each stroke can be filled with Gradient, distorted with Perlin Noise or Sine function. Strokes thickness can be adjusted with Ramp control. Strokes can be Lines or Points. Strokes ends can have a parametric Arrows. A lot of randomize controls helps add unique look for you desing.


Parametric Arrows

Arrows at the ends of the lines can be fine-tuned and animated individually.

Gradient Control

Custom new Gradient control with unlimited color points and three interpolation modes.

Thickness Ramp

Thickness along path now can be setted and animated with a new Ramp control.

Cross-Lines Gradient

Cross-lines Gradient can be added or multiplied over strokes Gradient.
Also it can be offsetted and scaled.

Points Mode

Random rotation and offset points

Rotation Along Path

Points can follow the path.

Rotation Noise

Three Noise modes and Rotation Ramp to get more control.

Noise Distortion

A lot of parameters such as Noise Amplutide, Frequency, Offsets, Noise Evolution and Lines Offsets allows you to create artistic look for you design.

Noise Ramp

Ramp can define segment to affect Noise. Also it can be offsetted.

Audio Driven Noise

Sound can affect on Ampitude, Frequency, Offsets or Noise Evolution.

Base Points Density Ramp

Remap Points density to compensate blending distortion.

Artistic Strokes Styles

Alpha Noise, Ramp and Sine function allows you to create variuos effects. Rought stroke, soft chalk style or dashes.

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Compatible with AE versions CC and later on PC and Mac