Powerful After Effects plugin allows to stretch pixels along curved paths made with two masks shapes.

Stretch images
with two masks

Stretch in two ways Along or Across Masks.

Stretch With Ramp

Use Stretch Ramp to precise control
of pixels stretching.

Distortion Along The Path

Use Noise and Ramp to distort stretched pixels.
Animate Distortion with Noise Offset.

Randomize with Strips

Add more details with Strips Random Factor.

Animate with loop

Add seamless flow animation to stretched pixels
with a single click.

Opacity Ramp

Control transparency along and across stretches
Opacity Ramps.

Wireframe Mesh

Turn On Mesh Wireframe Preview.

Adjust count of Base Mesh Points
to get better results.

Get Stretch
Compatible with AE versions CC and later on PC and Mac