Advanced Mosaic
and tile filter
for after effects.

Adaptive mosaic

  • MosaicArt splits image into a grid.

  • Neighbour cells can be merged into bigger cells with
    Unite Tiles Iterations parameter.

Cells of the grid can be textured with any image, layer or composition.

MosaicArt can use multiframe compositions and randomly distribute frames over the grid.

Frames can be distributed:

  • by lightness of the base image;
  • by lightness of custom layer;
  • randomly.
  • Animation

    Tile textures can be offseted, rotated and scaled.

    All this parameters can be randomized.

    Also cell texture can be looped for tiling offsets or scale.

    Truchet tiles

    Orient each tile texture randomly with 90 degree step.

    Sprites used in samples above:

    Reveal animation

    Animate reveal with Rows Delay, Randomization and Offset Ramp.


    Animate Cells and Tile Texture with random offset.

    Color Circle mode

    In this mode plugin pick color of the cell as primary color and using hue circle find secondary colours.

    Randomize with noise

    Noise can be applied to distort shape.

    Offset, Scale and rotate can be applied to color circles.

    Get MosaicArt
    Compatible with AE versions CC and later on PC and Mac