Reka Grid. Grid Basics

RekaGrid generates parametric shapes and places this shape instances on grid points. Each instance have follow parameters: Radius, Rotation angle, X and Y offset, Color, Alpha and it can be visible or hidden.

Grid is represented by rows and columns count, width, height and center point. Grid can be regular or hexagonal. Shape can have any points and can be triangle, rectangle, hexagon, circle. With Middle offset shape can became a star. Shelf Length can add a shelf on each point of shape. Also hard edges can be rounded with Shape Rounding Radius. Combination of all this parameters can generate complex and abstract shapes. Also Shape can have fill or stroke.

Almost all parameters have following structure:
Value + Noise + Layer

Math is the same: for each point of grid Value applies with Noise calculated for this point and applies with Layer intensity for this point.

Value is constant for all instances. If you need same radius for all instances you need to set Value and leave Noise Multiplier and Layer Multiplier equal to 0.

To add some randomness you can use Noise and animate it with Noise offset or Noise Evaluate. Also instance parameters can be driven with Layer color intensity.

1Select for Layer source any layer or precomp
in Parameters->Layer.

2Inside instance parameter select Layer Index
and adjust Multiplier.

Finally this three values summed up for each point of grid. This allows you a lot of possibilities to animate Instances parameters.

Another control Noise&Layer Offset determines 0 point of generated noise or layer intensity. By default Noise&Layer Offset equals 0, in this condition noise have range [-1 to 1]. When Noise&Layer Offset is 100% - noise range is [0,1]. And finally when Noise&Layer Offset is -100% - noise range is [-1,0]. Same for Layer intensity. Noise have additional control Mult Layer. This Layer multiplies by noise amplitude allows to mask noise with layer.

Last but powerful feature is Scripts. Scripts allows you to edit any parameter in grid individually with elements index. Please read more about Scripts here.