Potok. Colorize text with Fluid Gradient

1Create Solid layer.

2Apply effect Potok from Effects->irrealix->Potok

3in Base Noise tab: decrease Scale to about 30%.

4In Colorize Mode tab: set gradients color by double clicking on color handles to set color, double click on ramp to add a new color point and Ctrl+Click on hadles to change interpolation mode.

5To animate noise, in Base Noise tab: Animate Evolution from 0 to 360.

6Check Loop Evolution.

7Create a Text layer and type any text.

8On text layer add effect Fast Box Blur and set Blur Radius to 10. And Hide text layer.

9In Base Noise Section: in Layer Multiply choose our text layer. And also change Source to Effects & Masks.

10In Colorize Noise Section: increase Alpha Treshold to 60 to compensate blur raduis.