MosaicArt. MosaicArt sample with texts tiles.

In this sample we used photo from unsplash: Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy

1Create a new composition with dimension 1920x1080.

2Import a photo and put it on the timeline. With Scale property fit photo in frame.

3Now you need to pre-compose it to optimize workflow and render speed. Select the layer with a photo, in the top menu Layer->Pre-compose. In the Pre-compose dialog select Move all attributes into the new composition. And rename it to Photo precompose.

4Create a new composition with size 300 by 100 pixels and 5 frames duration. Call it text tile

5In this text tile composition create 5 text layers different for each frame. Fit all texts into frame.

6Put text tile composition into our main composition.

7In the main composition select photo precompose, click on the layer with the right mouse button. Effects -> irrealix -> MosaicArt.

8In Tile Texture Layer choose layer text tile.

9Unroll Base Grid and set Base Grid ScaleX to 300%.

10You can set Base Size to 30 to see cells more clear.

11Tile Texture Type change to Timeline.

12Increase Tile Index Randomize. 136% in our example.

13Check Tile Index Loop.

14Set the following parameters to:

Base Size to 9.

Unite Tiles Iterations to 3.

Base Grid Rotation to 45 deg.

You can play with Base Size.

Keep Unite Tiles Iterations less than 4.