Reka Grid

Compatible with AE versions CS6 and later on PC and Mac

Ultimate solution
for arrays in After Effects.

Hundred combinations for thousands objects in single tool.
Generate, randomize, animate.
Render fast.

Reka Grid is After Effects plugin.

Plugin Reka Grid is a powerful grid tool with a lot of features to customize and animate.
Each point of grid is represented by instance of parametric shape.

Parametric Shape

Shape can be Triangle, Rectange, Circle, Star, "Y" or "X"
Any parameter of this shapes can be adjusted and animated with noise or custom layers.

Grid Array

Grid can be regular or hexagonal. Or with power of Scripts it can be anything like a spiral or sine and even Phyllotaxis.
Also any parameter of grid can be animated with noise or custom layers.


Each point of grid is represented by copy of shape and called Instance. Instances have a lot of parameters to animate: Radius, Angle, Position Offset, Color, Alpha.

Instances rotated by 90 degree
with a simple Script
Edge middle point and Rotation angle
animated with layer

Instances rotated with Noise.
Colors sets from list with a simple Script.