loopFlow is an After Effects plugin allows to animate still images into looped video. Using two masks user can determine area and flow direction. The most useful way to use is it to animate continuous fluid motion like flowing water, billowing smoke, flying particles, fire. Also it can animate hair, fur, fabrics or patterns. Animation based on sliding of area of the image, along mesh generated between two masks. In loop two copies of an image is sliding along path and blending with each other over time.


  • Animated area can be defined by two arbitrary masks.

  • Seamless animation with loop. Automatic endless or manual animation for the ability to start or stop the cycle.

  • Animation along or across base lines. Forward or backward.

  • Blend can be linear, soft noised or wiped.

  • Blend transition can be controlled with curves individually for both layers.

  • Distortion to make animation looks more natural for smokes or clouds.

  • Speed Ramp allows to change flow speed along path. Decrease speed at the begining and the end of path.


1Add static image into comp.

2Draw couple masks on image layer.

It is better to draw mask with same direction.

3Apply loopFlow effect to the layer and assign masks in Mask1 and Mask2 sections.

4It is done!

By default the loop duration is 3 sec. You can adjust it in Animation section.
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Compatible with AE versions CC and later on PC and Mac