Volna FAQ
Installation guide

Volna is After Effects plugin. It is compatible with AE CC2017 and later versions. Available on MacOS and Windows.

The best way to install a plugin is use aescripts Manager app. This will automate installation and registration process.

If you need for some reason to install plugin manually, download plugin and unzip it to your hard drive.


From folder Windows copy file Volna.aex to folder:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore


From folder macOS copy file volna.plugin to folder:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0


To register automatically, you can use the aescripts Manager app.

For manual registration run After Effects, create new composition, add a new solid layer, apply effect irrealix -> volna and then click Register inside the Effects Control Window and enter your serial.

Note: If you still have red-X-watermark after entering serial number you need to clear cached frames. In After Effects menu: Edit -> Purge -> All memory & disk cache.

Stroke with arrowhead

1Create Solid layer and add mask on it.

2Apply effect Volna from Effects->irrealix->Volna

3In effect parameters unroll Mask1, in drop down menu Mask chose Mask1.

4Set Arrow Head End to Arrow.

5Adjust Width value. Decrease Start Width and end Width from 100% to 50% to set taper.

6Choose Color 1

Blend shapes

1Create Solid layer and add two masks on it.

2Apply effect Volna from Effects->irrealix->Volna

3In effect parameters unroll Mask1, in drop down menu Mask chose Mask1.

4In effect parameters unroll Mask2, in drop down menu Mask chose Mask2.

5Set iterations Count to 20.

Gradients and randomization

1To get gradient on stroke set Colors Count from 2 to 5.

2Set all colors depending on Colors Count you choose.

3Animate Gradient along stroke with Gradient Offset.

4Set some randomness with Gradient Offset Random.

5Turn On Loop Gradient to make gradient repeat.

6Repeat steps to Mask 2 or turn On Clone From Mask 1.

To make gradient seamless set first and last colors to be identical.

Sine function

Each mask can be deformed and animated with sine function.

Amplitude, Frequency and Offset can be animated.

Frequency 1.0 equals to one period of sine along path.

You can use two sine functions for each mask and choose add or multiply operation between them.

Perlin noise distortion

Distortion is applied to all shape, it can use local shape coordinates or screen coordinates.

It is possible to use sine and noise at same time.


By default strokes draw as a lines. Primitives set to Lines


In Points mode each stroke will draw with points. Curve Segment Count sets points count for each stroke.

Visible Points set in percent count of visible points.

Alpha noise allows to add some noise and animate points opacity.